At Mansefield House we are committed to providing a good quality service while also minimising the environmental impact of our activities.

We are surrounded by beautiful surroundings here in the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, and we’d like to keep it that way.

We are doing everything we possibly can to do our bit, and we’d ask our guests to do the same, as part of enjoying a responsible and sustainable holiday.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we:

  • generate electricity via solar panels, cutting our carbon footprint
  • have insulated the building as far as the 1860s architecture allows
  • use energy saving light bulbs
  • provide recycling bins and promote their use
  • recycle paper in the office
  • participate in Argyll & Bute Council’s food waste system, providing compost bins


  • use environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • use and promote local craft from Mansefield Studios
  • actively support the local community and Community Development Trust
  • use ‘A’ rated appliances where possible
  • try to buy and use recycled / fair trade products
  • encourage guests to support local producers, pubs and restaurants
  • promote local tourist attractions
  • promote walking and cycling
  • promote local activities which don’t require the use of a car (sea-kayaking and canoeing)
  • encourage guests to turn lights off
  • encourage guests to use water with care