Shopping on the Doorstep

10 September 2016

Right on the door step is Mansefield Studios, contemporary craft gallery. Showcasing the work of independent Scottish designers and makers, you’ll find harris tweed homeware, lambswool knitwear, ceramics, jewellery, prints, candles and soaps.

Open 10.30-5.30 Monday – Friday.

The Tweed Workshop: Hand crafted cushions and homeware made exclusively by The Tweed Workshop for Mansefield Studios from Harris Tweed, dyed and spun from pure virgin wool in the Outer Hebrides. A well-balanced mixture of exquisite colours in the yarn, together with the luxurious texture of the cloth, ensure each piece will become an instant classic. The Harris Tweed Authority’s Orb Mark trademark provides detail, and certifies its hand crafted origins.

Ecosie: Natural Fibre Performance Knitwear Design & Production, inspired by people, places & adventures of surf, skate & snow. Perfect pieces created for the ride. Designed and made in Glasgow, enjoyed worldwide.

Darach: Darach is a small family run company, based in Inverness, the capital of the Scottish Highlands. They take pride in creating quality furniture and gifts from vintage oak whisky barrels. Each one of their products is individually hand crafted, ensuring that every Darach product is unique.

Birds Unlimited: Each wing is hand carved from a solid piece of kiln dried hard wood, not steam bent. Cutting the wing from solid wood means that the lines of the grain follow the contours of the wing, giving a striking effect. The wood is then smoothed and sanded using various grades of abrasive paper. Each pair of wings are then individually balanced with the body as each piece of wood has its own weight and characteristics. A lacquer is then brushed on to seal the grain and after further sanding a wax polish is applied to finish the bird, allowing the natural beauty of the wood to shine through. The only piece in the Gallery not from Scotland, these birds fly from Warwickshire.

Green Grove Weavers: Green Grove Weavers are designers with a passion for creating timeless accessories on traditional looms in Strathspey in the Scottish Highlands, where they are inspired by the hills and glens. They use only natural fibres and finest merino lambswool and Jacob sheepswool.

Urban Pirate: Independent design, inspired by Scottish culture old and new, Unashamedly Scottish and not a hint of tartan tat in sight! Everything made from 100% Cotton, screen-printed by hand using water based inks and traditional methods.

Heather McDermott: Heather McDermott Jewellery specialises in contemporary jewellery. She takes her inspiration from the shoreline on the Isle of Skye, where she grew up and is currently based there. The tideline of Skye is a treasure trove of unique objects discarded from the urban environment and deposited by the power of the Hebridean swell. Here rope, wood and plastic take on a subtler identity as wind and wave shape, and re-shape form and colour.

Scottish Sea Glass: Sea glass is also known as mermaid tears or sea jewels. This glass can be found on the beaches and shores of the sea, some rivers, lochs and lakes. Each piece is made from genuine and naturally tumbled glass which has been found on the beaches of Scotland, from Edinburgh to the Shetland Isles. Each piece is completely unique, as no two pieces of Sea Glass are ever the same.

Gillian Kyle: A Glasgow girl and graduate from Glasgow School of Art with a passion for illustration and print. Designs include all thing Scottish: Tunnocks Tea Cakes, Plain bread, stags and Scottie dogs. Every design starts off with hand drawn illustration in pen and ink followed by a little computer magic to create the finished image before it’s screen-printed onto cotton, china, melamine or paper.
Isle of Skye Candles: A family run business on the Isle of Skye, inspired by the scents of Scotland, the Highland surroundings and its changing seasons. A real essence of Scotland.

Staunch Industries: Staunch Industries is a design led lifestyle brand that celebrates the Great Outdoors through a design and apparel range. Inspired and fuelled through contemporary ideas, and their aquatic relationship with the North Sea and Scotland’s wild places.

Juniper & Jane: Juniper and Jane is a design studio inspired by the great outdoors: remote, wild places, not crowded city streets. They stray far from the obvious to find the remarkable. Textile artist, Jane Hunter and partner Sam Kilday, a designer, work together to design simple, fresh, textile patterns for a growing range of textile products for your home. She sketches. He captures the colours. The design emerges from the two. Their studio is in West Kilbride, North Ayrshire.

Beautiful things for you to take home with you!