Puck’s Glen

07 July 2016

Dripping with greenery, padded with moss, a tumbling burn: the magical world of Puck’s Glen is surely one of Scotland’s best-kept secrets. The paths weave and wind over the hillside and though the forest, past spectacular waterfalls, viewpoints and stunning rhododendrons. A hidden gem.

There are two trails: one winds through the gorge with its tumbling waterfalls; the other takes a longer route to great viewpoints and some of the best rhododendron displays you’ll see anywhere.

Stop in for a cup of tea and a cake at the Benmore Garden Cafe on the way home.

Take the A83 over the Rest and Be Thankful, and take a left towards Dunoon. Pass the villages of Strachur and Glenbranter. Continue for 12 miles / 19.3 km: Puck’s Glen car park is on your left.