Installing the new Range Cooker

12 August 2016

So, the old range was tired and overworked. Queue excitedly choosing a new range cooker. We went for a top of the range, beauty courtesy of Smeg. A dual fuel beast – stunning to look at and perfect for a house that feeds so many.

But here’s a thing – it’s a dual fuel. The departing cooker was all LPG.

The old one is taken away to it’s last resting place. The new one is installed. But there is no 40amp cooker socket….

Argyll is a wonderful place. But you try and get an electrician out to a non-emergency, let alone having to get one out on a Friday afternoon, with new guests arriving on the Saturday! Miracles do, however, happen. In the form of George Bruce. Now my local hero.

Boy, the range is beautiful. But why is it never simple?