Canoe on Loch Lomond

12 May 2016

Accompanied by specialist sea safari guides from Hidden Adventures, you can launch from Mansefield House, or head over to Loch Lomond and investigate some of the islands. Take a packed lunch and plenty of water for a day on the loch.

Exploring by canoe is an calm and amazing way to see the lochs from a  different angle. Get in amongst the nooks and crannies of the shore line, float along with the seals of Loch Long.

On the volcanic islands of Loch Lomond, you can see old ruins, castles, graveyards, remnants of medieval communities and graves of dead clansmen and warriors. You may be lucky enough to spot an Osprey, buzzard and Capercaillie. Fallow deer, roe deer, wallaby (really!), fox, otter and wildcat also roam the islands.

Great for older kids and groups, it really is a fun day out. You don’t need any kit or any experience.