Archery & Highland Games


Lomond Archers are a mobile archery business with many years of experience providing archery coaching and a wide range of highland events to people of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of experience. Instructors set up the range in the grounds of Mansefield House, and provide all the necessary equipment. You will all receive individual coaching and are guaranteed to see improvements in your skill levels by the end of the session. It’s great fun!

Instructors can appear in club uniforms or informal Highland Dress depending on what you’d prefer. The event is usually between 2-3 hours in duration and is uniquely tailored to suit your requirements and budget. Activities can be tailored to suit all ages and abilities so everyone can participate.

Contact Lomond Archers: 07961 090 122, or email.

Highland Games


Enjoy your very own private Highland Games in the garden at Mansefield House!

Target Archery: Individual coaching to improve your score. Teams/individuals are scored from 1-10 depending where they hit on the target face.

Tossing the Caber: Score depending on the accuracy of your throw. 2 sizes of caber mean this is suitable for both adults and children.

Feeding the Haggis: Feed the haggis by throwing food (bean bags) through the mouth of the hungry looking haggis beasties.

Hurling the “Welli”: A modern Scottish tradition where you score points for distance. Not as simple as it first appears, due to the shape and weight of the wellies. Different sizes of “welli” for all ages.

Tug-of-War: Traditional favourite at many events where teams compete to tug their side of the rope over the dividing line. This is often a good tie-breaker activity.

Miniature Golf: A miniature range set up in the garden, using a full set of golf clubs and balls. Score points depending on how few shots are taken to reach the hole.

Shot Putt: This is a traditional highland event where you score depending on distance achieved. A variety of weights make it suitable for all ages.

Tails: A strategy game where all but one player (the catcher) are provided with a “tail”, players must protect their tails from the catcher. When a tail has been captured that player also becomes a catcher until only one tail remains.

Team Take: Two teams work in a relay fashion to collect balls from a central hub and return them to their respective bases, the winner is the first team to collect their balls.

Beanbag Skittles: A team game of skill, two teams line up facing each other, two lines of skittles are placed between the players who attempt to hit the skittles which are further away, first row down wins!